Welcome to Snuffbooks!  I am glad you're here.

I have always been enthusiastic about the creative process.

The idea of Snuffbooks began in 2007 when everything that I cherished and identified with simply collapsed.  All possessions, relationships, titles, accomplishments: all felt meaningless.  I fell into a deep depression.

Interestingly, at the same time, I began to feel more alive. It felt as if a huge weight had been lifted.  I became ultra-aware.  I also felt more "connected" to something much bigger, sacred.  I sought spiritual advice.  It was determined that what I was experiencing was merely the beginning of a transformative process.  The things that I considered as "me" were simply shedding away, allowing my true nature to emerge.  It was also during this time my area of interest in the arts transitioned from music and theater to the visual arts, including elementary art instruction.​  

At first, I had no idea what Snuffbooks was.  It seemed a little self-serving.  After a few attempts of trying to make Snuffbooks into something, I decided to just go with the process (starting with my core interests), allowing the website and its contents to develop organically.  

Snuffbooks was named after the color brown.  In grade school, our ancillary classes were categorized by color.  Green Day meant outside activity, Red Day meant gym activity, Brown Day meant art activity and so on.  I loved Brown Day, naturally.  Snuffbooks was originally called Brown Day Books.  This sounded a little odd so I looked up brown in a thesaurus.  I noticed the words "snuff-colored" as a synonym.  The name Snuffbooks seemed fitting.

So far, Snuffbooks can be summarized into the following ideas:

1.)  Snuffbooks are books categorized by two processes: leased pre-illustrated artwork and Snuffbooks Originals.  I began writing Snuffbooks by using "pre-fab" images (i.e., Little Red of Riding Hood and The Taco King). Snuffbooks Originals, on the other hand, are books solely illustrated by me.

2.)  Snuffbooks is also a portfolio.  Many ideas are shaped and formed on these pages, some materialize to a completed piece of work, some do not. 

3.) Snuffbooks also serves as a hub for all tutorials as presented on my YouTube channel.  

4.) Snuffbooks does not participate in social media platforms outside of a weekly and/or monthly blog. 


Larry Dale Sowell has held leading roles in productions with the Backdoor Theater, MSU Opera Workshop, and the Greater Wichita Falls Alliance for the  Performing Arts, under the leadership of Sandra Bellamy. Other credits include Max in Lend Me a Tenor, Fagin in Oliver, Rapunzel’s Prince in Into the Woods, and Adam in Woof! the Road Show performed at the La Nuit Comedy Theater in New Orleans, along with show playwright, Jerry Rabushka.

Larry was named a finalist at the Contemporary Christian Artist Seminar in Estes Park, Colorado.  His work with the theatre troupe RaggedBlade earned him critical acclaim at the Columbus Theatre Festival in the play RulaLenska.com .  KDHX Theatre Review writes, "[In the play, RulaLenska.com] Larry [Dale] Sowell does a fine job portraying Cody, a frustrated and confused man in a long-term relationship that he can't understand.  His is the only believable performance." 
Larry toured as lead soloist for the Nathaniel Dett Chorale, Canada’s first professional choral group dedicated to Afrocentric music, under the direction of Brainerd Blyden-Taylor.  Donna-Michelle St. Bernard of AfroToronto writes, "[Nathaniel Dett Chorale] Tenor Larry Sowell's heart-rending "Lord, Who Am I" shines at the part of the program when you've thought you've seen what everybody can do." Susan Pena of Reading Eagle (Reading, PA) writes, "Larry [Dale] Sowell's [voice] is clear and powerful."

Other performance credits include the Roy Thomsom Hall Choral and Organ Series in Oratorio, Canada; An Indigo Christmas at the Toronto Center for the Arts, Voices of the Diaspora at George Westin Recital Hall in Ontario, Canada, the Dance Theatre of Harlem Open House Gala in New York City, and the concert Series at Howard University and the U.S. Library of Congress in Washington D.C.  

Opera roles include Alfred in Die Fledermaus, Don Magnifico in La Cerentola, Ferrando in Cosi Fan Tutte, and Sid in GWFAPA’s production of the children’s opera Sid the Serpent.

Larry's other media credits include the CD release of the Big Band Broadway Album, an appearance on the Andy Barrie Morning Show on CBC Radio, and vocal contributions to the television ad “No Place Like This” commissioned by the Toronto Tourism Board.

Larry is a recipient of the Marion Oldham Award for Excellence from the University of Missouri in St. Louis.  He holds a Master Degree in Arts Education from the University of Missouri in Kansas City.