5.  ADDING TEXT.  Finally I add  text.

2.  PHOTOGRAPHING WORK.  Then, I photograph the work.

The process I use when illustrating Snuffbooks Originals:  cutting paper, photographing images, scanning images, rendering artwork and adding text.

4. RENDERING WORK  (This part of the process gets a little tricky.  Creating a well rendered look while maintaining the integrity of the paper becomes a balancing act.  It's important for me to allow a little of the paper (and the space it creates) to still be seen.

3.  SCAN WORK INTO COMPUTER SOFTWARE  (I upload the photographed images and remove all areas I will not need.  The software I am most comfortable with is GIMP.)

1.  CUTTING OUT CHARACTERS.  I "sketch" characters using scissors, gluing all shapes together in layers to create a sense of space.